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Are You Looking For Exponential Growth In Your Business?

Consider all the opportunities and possibilities in your business and ask yourself – are you currently capitalizing on them? And if not, do you have a plan to?

Unfortunately, most business owners would have to answer no. Not because they don’t want to, or wouldn’t like to… but because they don’t know HOW to.

Here’s the thing: most business owners are technically amazing in their respective field, but struggle with going beyond what it is they know. But it is going past that point, considering new perspectives, asking new questions, and being open to new possibilities that presents a point where exponential business growth can truly happen. Sadly though, it won’t happen by itself.

You see, one of my greatest passions is studying businesses for little known factors, new opportunities, underutilized principals, and business intangibles other people miss or simply ignore. And then helping business owners and high-level entrepreneurs apply those very strategies and leverage principals inside their businesses for exponential growth.

One of the ways I do this is through my Private Strategy Consulting program. This is where you and I would work side by side to execute a complete makeover of your business. Considering everything from strategy, leverage, marketing, positioning, while at the same time restructuring the business for maximum profits, results, an opportunity.

Have I piqued your interest? Good, keep reading…

So Lets Go A Little Deeper Into What This High Level Program Actually Is...

As a business owner it’s assumed from the very beginning our primary activity should be running the company, never asking the question “Is this the most effective way to grow this business into what I ultimately want it to become?” Why is this? Because business owners never realize…

…As a business owner you are paid relative to HOW you think, NOT how hard you work.

Most of us are so busy “doing” we don’t take the time to think about WHAT EXACTLY IT IS we’re doing. Never asking “is it the most effective thing we could be doing?”, or “should we even be doing it at all?”. What business owners need to realize is strategic thinking and analysis is thee most valuable thing you can do in your business. Period…

… And This strategy consulting process is just that. A deep intensive ongoing exercise of strategic thinking, and an opportunity to work alongside me (Kieran) to examine ALL aspects of your business. Your sales, marketing, pricing, opportunities, strategy, positioning, revenue sources, competitive advantages and leverage points, to create an exponentially more powerful, profitable, and predictable business growth action plan.

Together, we’ll evaluate your business with a complete 360-degree perspective, while holding every action, intention, and application to strict standards of complete accountability, continually asking “is this the best use of this time, energy and resources” while looking for every opportunity to optimize and increase the results, revenue and profits every action yields.

So How Exactly Does This Program Work?

This is high level strategy consulting designed to help you overcome obstacles and capitalize on the greatest leverage points in your business, leading to more clients, opportunity and profits… and is structured in a way that allows us to discover those greatest impact points with enough time in between sessions to apply and act on each of them.

  • The program begins with a half day private deep analysis into your business. We will study where you are, what you’re looking to achieve, while at the same time considering and weighing the highest leverage opportunities. Depending on location, date and scheduling, this will either be in person, or over Skype/Zoom.
  • Each month we’ll reconvene for Two Private 90 minute strategy sessions (Bi-weekly). During each call we will analyze progress and results from the past session, and focus on the next step in implementing the growth and profit execution plan.
  • During the time in between, you have complete access to me for questions, clarification, and additional insight through email or phone. My only request is any additional calls are booked in advance.
  • At the end of the strategy consulting program, if opportunities still exist and it remains mutually beneficial for us to remain as consulting partners, we can consider extending the relationship.

This naturally leads to the next question…

Who Is This Program Right For?

It would be unethical, foolish, and flagrant for me to say this is for everyone, as it quite simply is NOT. This is for high level entrepreneurs and business owners who are already running strong, profitable organizations, but who know they are not tapping into their full business potential and capitalizing on the many ripe (and right) opportunities surrounding them.

Here’s how to know whether private strategy consulting with me is right for you.

  • You must be running a business that is generating a minimum of $500,000 per year (with the expectation and belief you’re capable of more)
  • You must be open to new and creative ideas, insights and opportunities with an excited predisposition to apply and improve every focus point of your enterprise with what you learn.
  • You must be inclined, excited and passionate ABOUT your business and furthermore - growing your business.
  • You must follow instructions, play well with others, take direction and be a master of implementation and action with a strong distaste for excuses and complaints.
  • You must have a keen work ethic with an avid commitment to “ACT” and not just talk.
  • You must be willing to develop the habit of delegation and the ability to give up (some) control (if you haven’t already developed these skills) allowing you can focus on the greatest opportunities that require time, energy and resources to capitalize on.
  • You must be able to comfortably afford the strategy consulting process, understand the program fully, and recognize we are focusing on truly leverageable and long-term strategies, not “flash-in-the-pan” short term ban-aid solutions.

Can you say “YES” to all the above requirements? Perfect, lets move on and talk about...

What is the Program Cost, Length and Of Course - The Return On Investment

The private strategy consulting process is a 12-month program that costs $5000 a month for a total of $60,000 for the year or you can choose the discounted rate of for a single pay option of $50,000 one-time. (I do occasionally offer a six-month program to some clients if I feel it is the right fit for their business).

Obviously and understandably this NOT a low priced, theoretical, cookie cutter consulting program. Rather, it is deep, thoughtful, intensely focused, individualized process structured to radically transform, optimize and improve EVERY area of your business.

That said, it is not inexpensive. However, if you have a strong disposition towards action, application, and implementation, it should be virtually cost free. In many cases during the first half day intensive, simply through analyzing the business, I’ve been able to help my clients immediately locate and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of previously unknown revenue and profits.

The perspective many of my clients have is to view it to that of a member of their team, considering it’s relative to or less than the typical cost of a single employee (except the return on investment is exponentially greater)

However, it should be noted. Strategy Consulting Services are NOT offered on a first come first serve basis. Rather clients are selected based upon are they the RIGHT fit for me, the consulting services I offer, and whether I feel I am right for them. Obviously, I can only take on a certain number of clients as my time is limited, and my most valuable asset.

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