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My name is Kieran, and my intention with this site is to provide a unique resource for “real” business owners who are looking for insight far beyond the typical business growth tactics.

It’s an electric assortment of unconventional and contrarian perspectives, principals, and business strategies all made to answer one primary question…

…How Can YOU Achieve Exponential Business Growth with Minimal Time, Effort and Resources?

My objective is to create a growing compendium of ideas which question the commonly held belief that success is incremental and the way to grow a business is to simply work harder and do more of that which you are already doing.

I once thought working harder was the only way, now I know better. Let me show you.

It this is your first time at this site, let’s get you started off right…

Step 1: Nice to Meet You

If you haven’t guessed already, I (Kieran) am the gentleman behind this project. I have a small team, but most of the time, you’ll be hearing from me directly.

I have a particular fascination in understanding what makes some businesses progress at a slow, incremental, one foot in front of the other pace… while others seem to experience almost quantum growth.

I study and analyze this subject which I share my thoughts, case studies, and results directly from applying them inside my clients businesses on this very site.

Step 2: Lets Get Connected

Like most, I share a lot of my content via social media. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which I invite you to connect with me on. But…

By far, the best way to connect with me (especially if you’re a first-time visitor to the site) is by registering for my free exclusive weekly content entitled Lessons on Leverage.

Lessons on Leverage is my newest thoughts, ideas, examples and analysis on how to use high leverage principals to produce exponential growth in your business.

I also create content related to what I’m currently pondering and working on with my clients.

Here are some of the types of topics I cover:

  • Ongoing ideas on how to create more growth with less effort
  • New perspectives on how to skip incremental improvements and move to geometric gains.
  • Unorthodox strategies on how to use leverage resources, people, opportunities, and ideas.
  • How to identify and remove Profit bottlenecks that exist in EVERY business
  • Where to look to discover the right direction for YOU specifically to achieve greatest results

It’s delivered through email and is sent usually once per week. With that being said, I’m not going to blast you with a thousand emails a day, that literally goes against everything I’m about.

If I have something good to say and I think you’ll appreciate it - I’ll send one. If not, you won’t I won’t.

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Alright, you’re all subscribed? Excellent. I really hope you enjoy reading (and watching) lessons on leverage as much I enjoy creating it for you.

Also, I wanted to briefly mention, if you have a thought, concern, question or idea you would like me to address personally or even potentially through my content, please reach out. You can do so through all the social media channels liked above and also by visiting the contact page.

However, if you’re here for a different reason and you came to explore potentially working together and having me personally help you apply LEVERAGE principals in your business. Please click the following link and you can learn more about my private strategy consulting opportunity.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to connecting.

Kieran Reed

Kieran Reed