If you had to guess the biggest obstacle holding most entrepreneurs back from creating large growth within their organizations what would your answer be?

Would you be surprised to know it’s themselves?

Here’s why: Entrepreneurs are very different from most other people. They are people of action, they work hard and usually are willing to sacrifice far more than most to achieve a result.

And what do you think they do if they don’t reach it?

They work harder, put in more hours, and commit further.

It’s admirable, however…

…It’s this logical thought process of “doing more to achieve more” which is hobbling their personal and business growth.

You see, we’ve been conditioned by these glorified success “gurus” that HUSTLE is the most important factor for success…

…And if you sleep more than four hours and enjoy spending time with your family, you’re lazy and you simply won’t make it.

The Reality Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth.

In fact, perpetual activity and busyness is the very thing which us blinds us from seeing the elegant solution which exists to every problem…

…A solution which typically requires far less effort, yet promises exponentially greater results.

Most Business Owners Substitute Thought for Activity

It is a monumental misconception that Action is the precursor to a result.

Action should only be the result of deep thought.

"Don’t let action drive out thought"

Bill Bain - Founder of Bain & Company


Thought is the General who directs the armies of action.

Doing more stuff, staying busy, and taking more on isn’t only NOT the answer, if it isn’t proceeded by thought it becomes the antithesis of the answer, as it will drive you further from it.

To achieve more you needn’t do more of the same, you must simply do those activities that result in more.

More of the “same old thing” won’t be the catalyst for growth in your business, it will result only in the slow incremental progress which stemmed from it already.

I am always slightly shocked by how common this “more of the same” approach is.

I commonly encounter this with business owners I speak with. They would like to increase their revenue, so they pose a question similar to the following…

We want to increase our revenue sales, so how can we
generate more leads for our business?”

What is interesting is they have already assumed more leads are the answer to the problem…

…and in turn, cut off their minds ability to conceive of other more effective, efficient, and less expensive and laborious solutions to the problem.

They Chose Action Prior To Committing The Problem To Thought

It’s no secret, the most the most expensive activity in any business is consistently generating new clients…

…And for most businesses – it’s their biggest challenge.

But when you look through the problem, the issue wasn’t leads, it was revenue.

How much easier and less expensive would it be to simply increase conversions… or… raise their prices… or… add an upsell… or even a cross sell?

All of which would be exponentially more profitable and only require a fraction of the work.

Plus, with each of those option you could increase revenue (and profit) with one-time effort versus recurring work

Yet……They are so involved in the details of their business, they can’t see the situation as a whole…

…They are so involved in the details of their business, they can’t see the situation as a whole…

…and the many simpler, less expensive and profitable alternatives available to them.

We need to extract ourselves from doing more stuff and focusing on the result.

"Income and wealth is not a result of activity, it is a result of creativity and thought, and only then followed by application"

Kieran Reed -

Every year it becomes more and more apparent and obvious too me…

…The more I restrain myself from acting and I think prior to, the greater my income, success, and personal enjoyment.

This is one of my favorite clips or Warren Buffet and Bill Gates interacting and discussing why you should resist filling your day with activity and allow yourself time to think.

You see, we’ve been taught to believe if we’re not working or performing some action, we are wasting time and we are being lazy…

…Yet our mind will never be able to connect the dots of opportunity if it is always performing busy doing something. Mental space is the very vehicle that drives you to high-leverage, high-potential solutions.


The first step is to understand this will likely be new to you, and it takes time to adjust and become familiar with any new process or routine, but remember…

…anything worth while is worth waiting for.

The next step is to actively work at keeping your schedule open, rather than full.

This will force you to ask new questions of yourself and find more creative ways of achieving an outcome, like…

“Who can do this for me?” versus (the usual) “How can I fit this in?”

And consider this, what if you applied this same lens or line of questioning to every problem, challenge or goal you face?

Continually asking “who” could do this for you, instead of “how” YOU could do it, it would allow you to leverage yourself and produce exponentially greater results with very little effort.

Also, look to those I call “Leaders of Leverage”, these are experts in high level thinking and therefore, producing high level results.

One person who immediately stands out when I think about how to apply new levels of thinking, and who I look up to greatly is Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach.

Learn to think differently by looking at HOW those who think differently actually think.

"An amazing thing, the human brain. Capable of understanding incredibly complex and intricate concepts. Yet at times unable to recognize the obvious and simple."

Jay Abraham - Founder of The Abraham Group


When you begin to focus on how you can achieve a result without more of your own personal effort, you will find you’re able to expand yourself and your business far beyond anything you could achieve through sheer exertion and output.

Ignore the typical advice promising MORE WORK and MORE HUSTLE is the fastest path to success.

Allow yourself mental space. Breakthroughs require mental space. Commit to the result and separate yourself from the belief that it requires a commensurate amount of work.

Be patient with this process, just like it takes time to adopt a new set of habits like a fitness routine, this is no different.

It takes time, but the results that will come of this new way of thinking will be staggering, they will be exponential, and they will allow you to leverage yourself far beyond anything you’re currently capable of.

In the comment share some of the steps, questions, or practices you use to create breakthroughs in your life and business.