Breakthrough Marketing Consulting


Breakthrough Marketing Consulting: Most business owners are amazing technically in their respective fields, but fear or struggle with the "Marketing Part" part of their business (which is the “lifeblood” of any enterprise because it's what drives in profits.)

So if you want to “nip in the bud” years of dissatisfaction, frustration, annoyance and anxiety you undergo trying to make your business a roaring success, and instead start making almost immediate gains in your business, by using my proven client attraction and profit maximizing "strategies" you will have NO WAY of ever knowing otherwise, then this is the most exciting and important offer you will ever read!

But first, I want to know where the challenges are in your business...

  • Working too hard / too long for too little in return
  • Limitations in how much you can earn
  • Barriers that prevent you from growing your business
  • Slow seasons / times / days
  • Spending money on “solutions” that don’t work/don’t work anymore
  • Decreasing profits / rising costs
  • Price Wars / Competition
  • Income limited to the products and services that you sell
  • Geographic limitations
  • Limited Advertising and Marketing Budget
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So Here’s the Deal... Literally the fastest way to get “un-stuck” in your business and back on track, so you can elevate yourself to the next level, is to have me (Kieran) work side by side with you, pin-point exactly what is holding you back in your success efforts. And at the same time, I'll also answer any questions, provide you with new success strategies, and uncover windfall profits, hidden assets and overlooked opportunities that are laying dormant inside your business. All this is done through my breakthrough marketing consulting program, where I am your "side-kick strategist" helping you to first optimize what you're already doing to improve the results, then innovate to add new exciting strategies to take your business to the next level.


The first step is a call where we seek to understand your business together. That means learning about your goals, your challenges, your resources and where the leverage lies inside your business. This is where we determine whether an consulting relationship is going to be worthwhile process for both of us.

Next, we look immediately to optimize the processes that are already working your businesses to generate even greater results and profits without reinventing the wheel. After that, we will start innovating by looking at the high leverage, low risk opportunities that are laying dormant inside your business. We only work with business owners who have annual sales in excess of $500,000.

Consulting fees are determined based on the individual situation and what is the most lucrative and fair for both parties. Typically clients pay me a base fee, contingent with a percentage of the increased profit that comes from my assistance. However, in the past I've also done flat rate, monthly fee, performance pay, profit splits, barter, straight commission and even equity. To discuss a potential marketing consulting relationship, call us at the number below...