Breakthrough Call

One-on-One Breakthrough Call with Kieran

Most business owners are excellent at running their business. But when it comes to increasing profits, locating advantages and capitalizing on opportunities, they are close to their business and so emotionally attached, they lose the ability to view it with a clear, concise, results-oriented perspective.

So Here's The Deal...

If you're looking to get “un-stuck” in your business, gain new perspectives, turn obstacles into opportunities, pin-point exponential leverage points, and elevate your business and progress to the next level, then this call is perfect for you.

At the same time, I'll answer any questions, provide insight, offer ideas, alleviate concerns, and outline how to implement anything I share.

All this is done through a personal, one-one-one coaching call between just you and I where you can pick my brain on any topic you’d like (within reason)… In short, I’m yours one-on-one! Each coaching call is recorded so you will receive an MP3 file of the call for your keeping.

Personal one-on-one coaching calls are available in 30 minute sessions at $250.00 per session. To order more than one 30 minute session, please increase the quantity on the check-out page. Once your order is complete, someone will email you a questionnaire that must be completed prior to the call.


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